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Top 4 Reasons to Seek Help From a Drunk Driving Lawyer

You had a little too much to drink and made the choice to drive home. Along the way, an encounter with a police officer led to an arrest. Now is not the time to figure out things on your own. You need help from a lawyer. Here are some of the main reasons why seeking legal counsel is the smartest move you can make.

You Don't Understand the Law

Between the national and provincial criminal codes, there is quite a bit about impaired driving and driving under the influence that you don't comprehend. For example, did you know you can be charged with more than one offence related to the same event? Are you aware of how previous offences could complicate your present situation?

A lawyer who practices in the area of impaired driving will be up to date on all the current laws and provisions within the criminal code. That same lawyer will know how those laws apply to your specific case. Instead of being confused by the complexity of current laws, your lawyer will help you identify what provisions related directly to your case and what they mean in terms of preparing your defence.

You Are Not Sure What the Police Can and Can't Do

Whether you have gone through a similar experience or not, do you really know what sort of procedures police officers are expected to follow? Few people exactly what the officers must do and in what order those actions are to occur. That makes them less capable of knowing if the arresting officer is following proper protocol or if something was omitted or performed in an incorrect sequence.

Rest assured that your legal counsel knows exactly what the current laws require of law enforcement officers. Those laws begin with the moment the officer approaches you and continue on through the taking of a breathalyzer test and having you come to the police station for more questioning and possibly more testing. Expect your lawyer to go over all evidence regarding the arrest and the actions that take place at the police station. If anything was not done in accordance with current laws, your lawyer will know what to do next.

You Wonder How a Conviction Would Impact Your Life

Looking past the arrest and the court date, what could happen as a result of a conviction? Many people understand that driving privileges may be suspended for a period of time, but what else could happen? Depending on the specifics of your situation, there will likely be a fine. You may face some time in jail. It's a given that your auto insurance rates will increase. In fact, you may have trouble finding a provider who will extend coverage.

The conviction could also affect you financially. Damage to your credit rating is definitely possible. In terms of employment, you could find it more difficult to find another job if you do become unemployed. Even if you remain with your present employer, the conviction could make you ineligible for promotions that require no criminal convictions.

You Have No Idea How to Defend Yourself in Court

You may not be sure what to do in a court, but rest assured that the drunk driving lawyers Toronto know how to prepare defence strategies and make use of every legal means to protect their clients. Even if you did have too much to drink, your lawyer will seek to provide the court with a reason to impose the most lenient penalties that the current laws allow.

Don't wait if you are facing charges of drunk or impaired driving. Seek legal counsel today and begin preparing for your day in court. With the help of a lawyer, you have a reason to hope for the best possible outcome.