Facing Your First DUI? Be Prepared

When you're facing a DUI, it's vital to have experienced Toronto DUI lawyers on your side. It's likely you may have never needed a lawyer before and might feel nervous going into your first meeting. Here's some critical considerations in preparing ...

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Mistakes the Police Make that Lead to DUI Acquittal

Have you been wondering if the police officer who pulled you over for your DUI did everything properly?

It's not uncommon for police officers to make mistakes, including ones that could lead to you being acquitted. Here's a look at the most common ...

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Need a DUI Lawyer? Consider These 4 Steps to Finding the Right Fit

According to recent studies, driving under the influence is a common criminal offence in Canada. If you're facing a DUI in Toronto, Ontario, you're probably feeling overwhelmed in how to approach finding legal representation to meet your needs.

Driving under the influence is ...

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Upcoming Legalization of Marijuana Brings Legal Uncertainty to Drivers, Lawyers and Law Enforcement

The recent announcement that the Canadian government will legalize the use of recreational marijuana by July 1, 2018 has both pot smokers and non-users all abuzz. While the news is welcome to many, there remains a large amount of uncertainty as to what the legalization ...

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Can You Refuse a Roadside Breathalyzer Test?

For law enforcement to adequately test your blood alcohol concentration (BAC) percentage, they must perform a roadside test involving a breathalyzer.

A breathalyzer is a machine that gives the officer a reading that estimates your BAC percentage. If your percentage is over the 0.08 ...

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