Do I Need a Lawyer After Being Charged With a DUI in Toronto? Why?

Charged with a DUI in Toronto?

A DUI is of course an American term — an acronym for "driving under the influence."

But impaired driving charges are very real in Canada too. And facing them is something you should take extremely seriously.

Your very first move ...

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Why is Driving Under the Influence Such a Big Deal?

Having a drink or two after work doesn't seem to be a major issue to you. In fact, consuming small amounts of alcohol, especially when you have something to eat, is not likely to drive your blood alcohol level above the legal limit. Even ...

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How Lowering the Legal BAC Would Impact Your Drinking Habits

In the last year, there's been talk of lowering the current legal blood alcohol limit. Along with action in provinces, a proposal to lower the limit throughout Canada was presented as recently as August 2017. While the maximum legal blood alcohol limit for fully ...

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Parliament Pushing For Tougher Drunk Driving Laws

Avoiding driving is your first line of defense. But if you've been charged with driving under the influence of alcohol, contact Toronto DUI to be for a free consultation with an expert DUI lawyer (Toronto).

In 2009, Robert Solomon, legal policy director for Mothers ...

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5 Ways Life Will Change After a DUI Conviction

If you have never faced a conviction for driving under the influence, impaired driving, or Over 80, the consequences that follow may not be clear. Perhaps you think the only thing that happens is paying a fine, taking a class, and then putting the matter ...

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