I Blew Over the Legal Limit. Can I Still Fight a Drinking and Driving Charge?

If you are pleading guilty to a drinking and driving charge, it's important to understand the penalties you face. The DUI charges that Burlington residents are often dealing with can be extremely severe. For example, blowing over 80mg, failing to give a breath sample ...

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5 Mistakes To Avoid When Being Charged With Drinking and Driving

Being pulled over and charged with a DUI in Toronto can be a devastating event. Whether you've made a mistake in your judgment or not, the experience is of course extremely stressful.

However, it is in these stressful situations that drivers often make terrible ...

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Avoid Accidents and Tickets by Avoiding Distracted Driving

When it comes to auto accidents and consequent injuries and tickets, one of the biggest culprits is distracted driving.

To be sure, almost everyone has driven distracted at one time or another. Looking at smart phones, eating, drinking, playing music, and parenting kids in the ...

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Do I Need a Lawyer After Being Charged With a DUI in Toronto? Why?

Charged with a DUI in Toronto?

A DUI is of course an American term — an acronym for "driving under the influence."

But impaired driving charges are very real in Canada too. And facing them is something you should take extremely seriously.

Your very first move ...

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Why is Driving Under the Influence Such a Big Deal?

Having a drink or two after work doesn't seem to be a major issue to you. In fact, consuming small amounts of alcohol, especially when you have something to eat, is not likely to drive your blood alcohol level above the legal limit. Even ...

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