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Do not incriminate yourself

When stopped by a police officer, do not admit that you feel impaired or consumed a large amount of alcohol. You have to comply with officer’s requests and answer his or her questions but that does not mean that you should make additional statements that might make your case more difficult to win if it will go to trial.

Exercise your right to legal representation

You are legally allowed to demand to speak to your legal counsel before making any statements (or to get a public counsel assigned to you if your lawyer is not available). This is a vital right that can greatly help with your situation. Do not forfeit this right – it can cost you dearly!

Request an independent blood test

After you underwent a breathalyser test and provided your blood sample at the police station, you have a right to request to go to an independent laboratory of your choice to conduct another blood test. A new, independently administered blood test may provide additional evidence that can help to defeat Crown’s case against you.

Retain an experienced lawyer

Impaired driving is a serious charge that can have severe financial impact and result in negative consequences in your personal life. To avoid a conviction you need to hire an experienced lawyer that specializes in drunk driving cases. Look at lawyer’s track record and read what his clients have to say about his services before making a decision that can seriously impact your life.

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I would like to express my gratitude for your services. The way you presented your arguments and defended against cop’s attacks in court was really impressive. I hope I will never have to be in the same situation again but if I will do I know who to call!
Kalinja, Etobicoke