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Being charged with a DUI is a serious criminal offence in Toronto. Toronto drunk driving lawyers have been very busy fighting impaired driving charges. Not only can a first DUI cost you your license, hefty fines and penalties, and even jail time, but this kind of charge will go on your permanent record. This will effect your life for years to come. Down the line, having a DUI charge in Toronto on your record might cost you a job or your career. It can even prevent your chances of getting into a university, renting an apartment, or volunteering.

Second and third DUI offences are even worse.

For example, with a second offence, you will be prohibited from driving for a minimum of three full years. Imagine having to get rides from friends or family just to get to work or do your grocery shopping. You will also receive a minimum jail sentence time of 30 days, and you’ll pay even higher fines and penalties.

With third DUI offences, you risk losing your license altogether — for the rest of your life. You’d never be able to legally drive again. There’s also a minimum jail sentence time of 120 days and, of course, even heftier fines and penalties. No matter if it is your first or third time receiving a DUI it is important to hire an impaired driving lawyer in Toronto right away.

Why do we emphasize the importance of hiring only the best drinking and driving lawyer Toronto has to offer?

Stressing the seriousness of a drinking and driving charge in Toronto is not to make you feel scared or worse than you already feel.

The fact of the matter is: You don’t have to accept a DUI charge if you hire a drinking and driving lawyer Toronto and surrounding areas have to offer. You always have the right to fight the charges. Unfortunately, many drivers don’t understand this, and regardless of the true circumstances of their case, they plead guilty. Mistakes do happen, but you have a right to fight for your innocence and avoid all of the detrimental penalties associated with DUI charges – an impaired driving lawyer in Toronto is ready to help you!

The Only Way to Fight a DUI Charge? Hire a Reputable Impaired Driving Lawyer in Toronto/ drinking and driving lawyer Toronto

When looking for representation you will find there are so many drinking and driving lawyers Toronto has to offer. It is crucial to hire a professional impaired driving lawyer in Toronto with experience fighting drunk driving charges, who can help you avoid the consequences of a DUI on your record.

Even if you feel you made a mistake in your judgment, you deserve to fight for your innocence, and a Toronto drunk driving lawyer can help. Drunk driving lawyers in Toronto specialize in fighting drunk driving cases. You’d be surprised to learn how many DUI charges have been dropped because a fault is found in the organization of the Crown’s case. Or, in alternative scenarios, your lawyer can help you get your charges reduced from a DUI (a criminal offence) to a lesser charge of careless driving.

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The DUI charges Toronto residents may face can lead to very serious consequences down the line. Fortunately, you have options.

Mass Tsang LLP are the drunk driving lawyers Toronto residents trust. We are dedicated to delivering a strong defence to your criminal charges — defences that get results.

Over the years, we’ve successfully handled thousands of cases, and we can handle yours as well. Contact us today for a free consultation with one of the best drinking and driving lawyers Toronto has to offer. We will discuss all of your legal options after a DUI charge in Toronto.

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