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Arrested While Driving Under the Influence in Texas? Things You Should Know!

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10 months ago

You didn't begin the evening with any plans to drink and drive, but that's the way things worked out. Now that you've been arrested, it's time to start thinking about what will happen next. If you have never faced this type of situation before, here are some things you should know.

Contacting a Lawyer is Something You Should Do Now

Whatever you may think about your situation, it's safe to say that contacting and hiring a Houston DWI Lawyer is something that should be done as quickly as possible. It's not out of the question to ask the officers on duty for access to a phone as soon as you arrive at the station. In the best-case scenario, the legal counsel will be on the way as soon as the call ends and you will have someone there who can help you deal with what's to come.

Remaining Calm is in Your Best Interest

You may be feeling quite a few emotions right now. From fear to anger, it's not unusual for people who are arrested to let their emotions get the better of them. This is not the time to become visibly upset and begin creating a scene.

Things will be a lot easier for everyone if you remain as calm as possible. Try to keep your voice at a normal level, sit quietly, and in general ensure that no one has a reason to wonder if you are about to try something.

You Have the Right To Not Answer Questions Until Your Lawyer is Present

Under current Texas laws, you do not have to provide answers to any questions regarding the arrest or your state at the time the event took place. Remain calm and respectful, but make it clear that you will refrain from answering any questions until your legal counsel is present.

Choosing this approach is not an attempt to obstruct the authorities. It is intended to ensure there is a lawyer present who understands your rights and how they relate to the current situation. Once the lawyer is present, it's still important to defer to your legal counsel before responding to a question. If a question is framed in a manner that the lawyer believes infringes on your rights or is not relevant to the charge you face, take the advice and do not provide an answer.

Your Lawyer Understands the Situation Better Than You

Remember that the lawyer has dealt with similar cases and knows what constitutes proper police procedure. The lawyer also knows that a client who provides full disclosure makes it easier to provide representation. With that in mind, understand that your lawyer has a better grasp of the situation than you do. The best move you could make is to tell your lawyer everything you can remember. Even if some detail seems unimportant, share it. The lawyer will sift through the information you provide and determine what is relevant and what is not.

Being arrested is not something anyone enjoys. Instead of facing the situation alone, it makes sense to contact a DWI lawyer and arrange for representation. In the long run, it will be easier to deal with whatever happens next.

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