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Everything You Need to Know about DUI Charges in Canada 2018

What is a DUI?

Many people have the same question, what is a DUI? Simply put, impaired driving is operating a motor vehicle (trucks, cars, boats, snowmobiles and off roading vehicles) when your ability or capabilities have been compromised by consuming drugs or alcohol.

In ...

7 Shocking Facts You Didn’t Know About Toronto DUI Charges

Everyone knows you shouldn't get behind the wheel if you've been drinking. Despite constant warning messages and PSAs, however, drinking and driving remains one of the worst public health problems in the country. In fact, among 19 wealthy countries, Canada was recently ranked ...

5 Ways Life Will Change After a DUI Conviction

If you have never faced a conviction for driving under the influence, impaired driving, or Over 80, the consequences that follow may not be clear. Perhaps you think the only thing that happens is paying a fine, taking a class, and then putting the matter ...