New Impaired Driving Breathalyzer Rules

Impaired driving is the leading criminal cause of death and injury in Canada, and the government has been creating stronger laws to crack down on people who drive while they're under the influence of drugs or alcohol. It includes any change with regard to the current legal limit as well as new tools that would help law enforcement to detect impaired drivers.

It will make it easier for police officers to enforce these laws. It has also affected the Cannabis Act, recent legislation intended to decriminalize cannabis use but also sharpen criminal penalties for abuses such as driving while high. One consequence of all this is that you could be asked to take a breath sample pre-emptively, even if there is no reasonable suspicion of being impaired.

What could these new changes mean for Canadian drivers?

If the new law passes, the police could show up at your door and ask for a breath sample up to two hours after you arrive home, which is a major concern with regard to people's constitutional rights. The new laws could cut down on any litigation surrounding the issue of "reasonable cause" for demanding a breath sample, and it could shift the burden of proof onto the one being accused. People may have to prove that they have consumed alcohol or drugs at home instead of before driving, which would be contrary to the current laws regarding the "presumption of innocence."

How a Toronto DUI lawyer can help you with a drunk driving charge?

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The laws are changing with regards burden of proof and the use of cannabis, as described above. Find a Toronto drunk driving lawyer who is fully informed of the most recent legal updates and outcomes

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