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Top 4 Things You Can Expect From Your DUI Lawyer

An arrest for driving under the influence was not what you had planned for today. Since it has happened, it makes sense to contact a Toronto DUI lawyer as quickly as possible. Once your lawyer arrives, you can expect several things to happen. Here are a few examples.

Being Present While You are Questioned

With a lawyer on the case, you can expect the legal counsel to be present while the authorities seek to question you. This is important because the lawyer understands what sort of questions the police can ask and which ones you can refuse to answer. Once your lawyer is there, only answer if the lawyer indicates doing so is proper. Doing so minimizes the potential for you to say something that could be interpreted in more than one way.

Meeting With You In Private

Your lawyer will also want to meet with you in private. Remember that anything you say to your legal counsel is kept in the strictest confidence. In order to defend you, it's necessary to know everything that happened prior to the arrest, the discussion between you and the arresting officer, and any other activities directly related to the encounter. While you may be reluctant to share some details, go ahead and tell your lawyer everything. The last thing you want is for your legal counsel to learn additional facts from sources other than yourself.

If there are any witnesses who were present at the time the officer approached you, their input will also be needed. Expect the lawyer to spend some time with each witness and find out what they saw and heard. It's possible that the observed something that would prove helpful to your case.

Discussing the Possible Outcomes

The specifics of any DUI arrest vary from one event to the next. One of the ways DUI lawyers help clients is by explaining to them how other factors influence the potential outcomes. For example, do you have any prior brushes with the law that have not been resolved? Specifically, are there past impaired driving or DUI offenses that took place over the last five years? These and other factors will dictate what sort of punishment the court must order. By knowing all there is to know about your past offenses, your lawyer can help you prepare for what is likely to come.

Preparing a Defence

Your lawyer will use all the evidence to prepare a defence that is designed to protect your rights. That ensures you receive a fair hearing in a court of law. No lawyer will guarantee the outcome, but the lawyer can promise to make sure all the facts are introduced into the record and that anything that would give the court a reason to extend leniency is brought out during the hearing.

Never assume that your situation is so simple that securing legal counsel would be a waste of time. Having a lawyer by your side provides the opportunity to explore all possible defence options and settle on the best approach. Contact a legal firm today and arrange for a consultation. Doing so will be the smartest move you could make.