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Why Is It So Important to Tell Your DUI Lawyer Everything?

Even in the midst of legal woes, many people tend to filter the information they give to a lawyer. In fact, there is never a better time for full disclosure than when you are facing a possible conviction for driving under the influence. If you have been arrested and found lawyer to represent you, here are some of the reasons why you should tell everything you can think of to your legal counsel.

Little Details Can Mean a Lot

It's not your job to decide what action or discussion has a bearing on your situation. That's the work of someone who knows all there is to know about the current laws related to driving under the influence. Don't think you are going to bore your DUI lawyer in Toronto by including what seems to be a stray remark or describing an action that seems to have no connection with the arrest. For all you know, one of those minor details could affect the outcome of your hearing.

Your Lawyer Can Determine if Any Irregularities Occurred

Providing full disclosure, even things you don't perceive as important, positions your lawyer to examine the chain of events and identify anything that may seem to be irregular or inappropriate. Keep in mind that your lawyer is not just concerned with the nature of the offense and the laws pertaining to it. The legal counsel is also concerned about what actions the authorities took from the moment a decision was made to approach you.

Law enforcement professionals are expected to follow specific laws and guidelines in how they conduct themselves. That includes when approaching someone who is suspected of driving under the influence. Your lawyer knows exactly what types of procedures they are to follow. If anything was glossed over or done out of order, that could be grounds for challenging your arrest. Those actions could also result in the court finding that you should not be convicted. Those are only possibilities if you tell your lawyer everything.

Your Lawyer Can Plan a Credible Defence

Your lawyer is committed to defending you to the full extent allowed under current laws. All the information you supply and that they lawyer can secure from official police reports and eyewitness accounts will be utilized to structure your defence. By providing as much detail as you can, your lawyer has more information to use in creating the defence strategy. Even if the potential for conviction is high, the defence strategy could give the court the justification needed to order a less severe punishment.

Your Lawyer is Not Caught by Surprise During the Hearing

Nothing derails a defence like the lawyer learning something new during the hearing. Should the prosecutor introduce information that you knew and chose to withhold from your legal counsel, the result can be disastrous. All the planning that was to follow could be undermined. While your lawyer will attempt to salvage the situation, it may not be possible to recover. Your best bet is to tell everything you remember and minimize the odds of additional information coming out during the hearing.

An arrest for a Toronto DUI is serious enough. A conviction will lead to a new set of consequences. Do all you can to equip your lawyer with the resources needed to prepare for the case. Doing so has the potential to help you a great deal and will certainly not hurt your situation.