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Why Is It So Important To Build a Strong Defence?

Whatever the circumstances surrounding your case, standing in a court of law and attempting to defend yourself against an impaired driving charge is folly. You need a lawyer who knows how to mount the strongest defence possible. Here are a few reasons why building such a defence is important now and in the future.

All the Facts Matter

The foundation of a strong defence is built on facts. Making sure no facts are overlooked in the rush to seek a conviction is crucial to your case. No one knows that better than an impaired driving lawyer in Toronto. Your lawyer also understands what it takes to ensure facts are presented in the proper order and stated so plainly that there is no margin for confusion.

In order to accomplish this, the lawyer will draw upon legal precedents and past experience with the legal system. Those are resources that you do not possess. By providing the facts as you understand them and answering the lawyers's questions to the best of your ability, you make it possible to come up with a defence strategy. Don't be surprised if the lawyer uncovers some aspect of your case that you overlooked and uses it to bolster the effectiveness of your defence.

You Learn More About Your Options

There may be more than one way to approach your defence. Your lawyer will want to discuss each one with you. Expect for the legal counsel to point out the pros and the cons associated with each strategy. You will have the opportunity to ask questions and learn more about why the lawyer is recommending a particular approach. As you begin to see why the lawyer wants to pursue the case in a certain way, it's easier to provide your full support. That unity between client and legal counsel will go a long way toward ensuring your defence is strong.

Your Life is Impacted Right This Minute

Even as the case is pending, your life is impacted. There may be fines, time missed from work, and perhaps some loss of social standing. One of the things that a strong defence will begin to accomplish even before the court date is containing the negative fallout from the arrest. While this is not directly related to the court proceedings, that containment process could mean you remain free until the court date, retain limited driving privileges, and have more of an opportunity to take care of your day to day affairs.

Your Future is at Stake

You will find that Toronto DUI lawyers take their cases seriously. That's because the outcome could have a significant impact on the client's future. Depending on the verdict, you could find your employment options limited. Driving privileges could be suspended for an extended period of time. Even the ability to obtain financing for a home purchase or a vehicle could become more difficult. By mounting the strongest defence possible, your lawyer seeks to achieve the best possible outcome and minimize any negative effects on your future.

If you are facing DUI charges, secure legal counsel as quickly as possible. Provide full disclosure to your lawyer and cooperate fully with the plan for your defence. The quality of that defence will make a difference in what happens today and in the years to come.