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Why is Driving Under the Influence Such a Big Deal?

Having a drink or two after work doesn't seem to be a major issue to you. In fact, consuming small amounts of alcohol, especially when you have something to eat, is not likely to drive your blood alcohol level above the legal limit. Even so, overdoing it a bit is more than a tiny mistake. Here is what can happen if you choose to have one too many and get behind the wheel.

You Could Hurt Yourself

One of the first things that any Toronto DUI lawyer will point out is that choosing to drive after having too much to drink places you in danger. Your reflexes are slower, along with your ability to judge distances, and even to grasp what you are seeing. The fact that your responses in general are not what they should be increases the odds of running into a parked vehicle, leaving the road and crashing into a wall or pole, or managing to end up in a ditch.

Some people make it home with a scratch. Others end up with permanent injuries that they live with the rest of their lives. Was the extra alcohol consumption worth it? Most would say they would go back and change things if they could.

You Could Hurt Someone Else

It's not just your life that is affected by driving under the influence. You could easily make a mistake that causes serious injuries to one or more people. There is also the possibility that your poor choice could end up costing another person his or her life.

Think of what could happen if you failed to notice the traffic light has changed. You end up driving directly into oncoming traffic and cause a collision. At the least, there will be auto repairs to deal with. Some of the people in those other vehicles may end up in the hospital or worse. Can you live with a death or a permanent injury sustained by another person on your conscience?

There May Be Property Damage

Depending on the specifics, the damage could be to more than just the vehicles. Fencing, buildings, billboards, lamp posts, and other property could be involved. Even if no one is injured, think of how much it will take to repair or replace the things damaged due to your negligence. Perhaps your insurance will cover most of the cost, but there could still be lawsuits and other issues that drain more of your finances.

You'll Live With the Outcome for a Long Time

You can bet that things will not be the same for a long time. Whether you are arrested before any harm takes place or after a collision or crash, expect your insurance rates to go up. You may even be dropped by your provider and find it hard to find anyone who will cover you. Driving may be out of the question for a time, requiring you to find another way to get around. Being approved for loans will be more difficult, and some options for job advancement may be out of the question. Do you want to live with these types of consequences?

If you do have too much and end up being arrested for driving under the influence, get help from one of the local Toronto DUI lawyers at once. Make your first call from the police station to a lawyer who can take your case and do what can be done to protect your interests. While the layer cannot guarantee the outcome, having someone who knows all the laws that apply to your case stands a better chance of making sure you are treated fairly by the court system.