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What are the Qualities of Good Impaired Driving Lawyers?

After being arrested for a DUI, you know that it is imperative you find counsel immediately. However, the slew of Toronto DUI lawyers to pick from does not make that task as easy as it sounds. You must know how to weed through the choices and find the right lawyer that will deliver the best results.

Toronto is Harsh on DUI Defendants

If you are arrested and convicted of a DUI in Ontario, you face strict provincial laws.

MADD points out that drivers with a BAC below the Criminal Code limit of 0.08 percent take up 20 percent of the crashes in the province.

Therefore, even if you are not over the legal limit, you could face a short-term administrative license suspension for causing an accident with a low-level BAC. This is because MADD has worked with the Canadian Council of Motor Transport Administrators to create a 0.05 percent Administrative License Suspension Program.

So, finding qualified impaired driving lawyers is critical to avoid losing your license and facing harsh jail sentences.

5 Attributes of Great DUI Lawyers to Look For

1. Several Years of DUI Defence Experience

While there may be Toronto DUI lawyers out there who have years of experience in family law or small claims, what matters is how many years of DUI defence experience they can offer you.

You want someone who has multiple years specific to DUI defence cases. This tells you how much knowledge they have, and their success rate. A lawyer who is new to DUI cases or one who only dabbles in them from time to time may not have the best defence strategies at their disposal.

2. The Lawyer's Track Record for Drops and Reduced Charges

Successful DUI lawyers have a track record of dropped charges or reduced charges for past cases.

The more dropped charges a lawyer has, the better. That means that they advocated for their client and could prove that the prosecution's case was too weak.

Also, knowing that charges are dropped or reduced means that it is less likely you must go to court and defend your DUI charges. Going to trial is extremely expensive for defendants, and it can take up to 25 hours of court time, plus the time it takes for trial preparation.

3. Quality, Not Quantity

There are some impaired driving lawyers out there who focus on quantity. They take on as many cases as possible, thus the quality of their defence suffers tremendously. A good lawyer is one who focuses on quality, not quantity.

4. Toronto DUI Lawyers Who Care

A DUI lawyer should care about your future. They should want to see you keep your driver's license, avoid jail time, and not have a permanent criminal record following you around for the rest of your life.

5. Aggressive Practices

While they may not have the best personalities, Toronto DUI lawyers who are aggressive and advocate for their clients are better than lawyers who are too passive.

A lawyer must be reliable with their defence strategies, but also not give up easily even if they are facing a strong case from the prosecution.

Bottom line, the best impaired driving lawyers out there are your personal advocates. They care about you, they only take cases that they can focus entirely on, and they deliver results.