A DUI Charge: How Can a Lawyer Help?

So, you've been charged with driving under the influence (DUI). In Toronto, drunk driving is a common offence, and many who end up with a DUI are unsure about what to do next. It can be an overwhelming experience with heavy consequences if it is not handled correctly, which is why it's your best bet is to hire a lawyer.

You might be thinking of the cost involved in hiring legal representation, or that you can handle your case on your own. But DUI lawyers are invaluable when it comes to helping their clients through the legal process. Here's how drinking and driving lawyers benefit their clients and guide them through the days and months after their charges have been filed:

1. Explaining the Charges and System

You might think you know a lot about the justice system and your region's laws and regulations. But a rudimentary knowledge of how the system works and what your charges mean isn't always helpful during a court appearance.

There are innumerable details that only an expert can tackle effectively. It's more than filling out paperwork and conveying what happened to a judge; drinking and driving lawyers are able to present cases in strategic ways. They can offer guidance throughout the process and explain why each step is crucial to getting you back on the road safely.

Instead of spending days researching the process and wading through it on your own, it's your best bet to hire a lawyer and rely on their tried and true expertise.

2. Offering Advice

Sometimes, you may know your gut reaction to a legal choice — such as pleading guilty or not guilty — but your lawyer will tell you how that choice will appear in a court of law. It's entirely different to plead not guilty because you think you weren't driving drunk and to plead not guilty within a legal setting.

These choices will have long-lasting effects, and a DUI lawyer can help you make the right choice within this specific context.

3. The Best Defense

While you may ultimately still be charged with drunk driving in Toronto, DUI lawyers can help you by assembling the best defense of your actions possible. They can phrase the defense in ways the judge will respond to, and they can bring together evidence that will benefit your story.
Instead of leaving the burden of defending yourself squarely on your own shoulders, you can hire a lawyer to help. You will be able to discuss the event with your lawyer, and they'll develop a defense that will be appropriate for each hearing and court date.

4. Advocating for You

Ultimately, you need someone on your side, willing to advocate for your best interests. This is where a lawyer is truly beneficial. They will consider all the nuances and subtleties of your case and help you move toward next steps that will lead to a safe and positive outcome for you.

Since you have been charged with a DUI, your next step is to hire a lawyer. Because they can advocate for you, help you understand the justice system, and prepare a good defense, hiring your lawyer will be the best choice you can make after your arrest.