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Avoid Accidents and Tickets by Avoiding Distracted Driving

When it comes to auto accidents and consequent injuries and tickets, one of the biggest culprits is distracted driving.

To be sure, almost everyone has driven distracted at one time or another. Looking at smart phones, eating, drinking, playing music, and parenting kids in the back seat can all distract from driving. But the consequences of these actions can be severe and even life-threatening.

Here are 4 key tips for avoiding being distracted while on the road. These tips will improve your safe driving record and even save your life in some cases:

#1 – Keep your phone out of site and out of mind.

Only in emergency situations should you be looking at your phone on the road. And even then, pulling over to safely make your call or check your messages is advised.

Phone users often think that peering quickly down at their screen couldn't possibly take away from their ability to drive safely, but they'd be wrong. Even a quick glance can make the difference between safe driving and a ticket or dangerous accident.

#2 – Never drive when you're sleepy.

It's midnight and you're trying to make it home by 3am so you can get to sleep and make an appointment the following morning. But you're already tired. You've been up since six, and you're on hour seven of driving. You've got to pull over.

Of course, it's understandable that you'd rather be sleeping in your own, comfortable bed tonight. But remember that if it's between getting a hotel and taking a personal day to drive home safely tomorrow or possibly crashing your car in a terrible accident, the right choice is clear: Get a hotel for the night and wake up refreshed to drive home the following day.

#3 – Eat at a restaurant or rest stop — not in the car.

You want to make good time, so eating on the road makes sense. But again, even those few seconds you take to open your sandwich or wipe a spilled drink from your pant leg can mean major distraction and the possible cause of an accident.

#4 – Get everything ready before beginning to drive.

Whether you're trying to get your music or a podcast set up on the speakers or you need to buckle your child in in the backseat, do all necessary tasks before turning on your vehicle. While parked, arrange your children in their seat, get your music ready to play, plug your destination address into the GPS, and set your soda in an easily-grabbable position. All of these things constitute distractions while you're driving.

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