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4 Things Your DUI Lawyer Will Not Do

You were smart to contact a lawyer immediately after your arrest for driving under the influence. While there are many things that you can expect your legal counsel to do, there are a few others that the lawyer will not include as part of the representation. Here are four examples to keep in mind.

Judge You

You are probably already heaping enough judgment on your own head for getting behind the wheel while under the influence. It may surprise you to find out that DUI lawyers in Toronto are not in the business of adding recrimination to the burden you already carry. It's true that your lawyer is likely to agree with you that the decision was not a smart one. What the lawyer will not do is make assumptions about your character or your usual habits based on this one offense.

This is good news that should motivate you to be as candid with your lawyer as possible. Knowing that whatever you say is held in confidence and that it will only be used if the information is relevant to the case will allow the two of you to talk frankly and eliminate any impulse you have to keep things to yourself.

Hide Evidence

Your lawyer will not make evidence go away. Ultimately, your legal counsel is committed to seeing justice served. That means if you are guilty as charged and the officers who arrested you followed the proper procedures, your lawyer will not attempt to alter or interfere with those truths coming out during the hearing. At the same time, your legal counsel will use every legal means to ensure that evidence that is in your favor receives equal consideration during the hearing.

Create False Hope

There are enough friends and family members who are telling you everything will be all right. You don't need a lawyer who is doing the same thing. Even if there are a few factors that could move the verdict in your favor, expect your lawyer to avoid making any promises for the outcome. Instead, your lawyer will be direct about what could take place in court and how each possible outcome would affect your life.

The lawyers no-nonsense approach is not intended to frighten you. It is intended to provide you with a realistic idea of what could happen. Avoiding false hopes allows you to plan for the worst-case scenario and hopefully be happy if the situation turns out to be less dire.

Circumvent Current Laws

Just as your lawyer will not hide evidence, the legal counsel will not attempt to circumvent current laws that apply to your case. Every drunk driving lawyer in Toronto knows the laws as well as how they were applied in past cases. You can expect your lawyer to draw on past rulings that are relevant to your situation, but rest assured the defence will plan everything so there is no question of legal improprieties.

Remember that your DUI lawyer will prepare a defence that is balanced, factual, and in line with current laws and legal procedures. Listen closely to the advice that the lawyer provides. Doing so will help you be prepared for the court's ruling and begin the process of moving on from what has occurred.