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4 Facts Your DUI Lawyer Will Make Clear

An arrest for driving under the influence isn't something you should consider on a par with a traffic ticket. Instead of assuming you can pay a fine and that will be the end of things, you should seek help from a lawyer as soon as possible. As you speak with the legal professional, there are four points that will become crystal clear.

The Laws Are More Complex Than You Think

There is more to laws involved in the situation that you imagine. For example, do you know why the charge is DUI rather than impaired driving? Your lawyer can explain the difference. How about your past brushes with the law? Will they have any impact on the court's decision? Your legal counsel can review the facts and help you understand what to expect.

Understanding the charges against you and what is likely to happen next are things your lawyer can go over in detail. By the time the legal counsel has taken you through the possibilities, you will begin to realize just how much you never knew.

There May Be More To Your Case Than You Realize

The fact that your legal counsel understands the law and any precedents that apply to your case is important. Since you do not have the same grasp of those factors, it would be easy to overlook something that would have a direct bearing on your DUI Toronto case. By contrast, your lawyer will look at all the available evidence, do some research, and could come up with something that would make a big difference in the outcome of your case.

Your Future Will Be Affected By The Outcome

Do you understand how a conviction would impact your ability to secure a better job? What about the consequences in terms of your credit rating? Have you thought about what it will mean to your ability to maintain auto insurance?

Many aspects of your life will be affected by a conviction. That's why it's so important to have a lawyer who can mount a defence and ensure your rights are protected along the way. If the lawyer does come across something that was not done properly, or some mitigating factor that the court will take into consideration, the outcome could be very different and the impact on your future minimized.

You Need Help in Court

How often have you been in court. Do you understand the proper way to conduct yourself? Along with providing legal advice, many Toronto DUI lawyers find themselves explaining basic court procedure to their clients. This is to ensure that the client makes the best possible impression as the case is heard. While proper behavior doesn't make the arrest go away, it does give the court a reason to consider the most lenient punishment allowed under current laws.

Before assuming that securing legal counsel will accomplish nothing, talk with a DUI lawyer today. Provide all the information you can about the events leading up to the arrest, what the officer said and did, and the events that occurred while you were at the police station. Your lawyer is in a position to represent you to the full extent of the law and help you work toward the best possible outcome.